My Story


My name is Destiny, I'm a wife, girl mom, and the owner and founder of this small and mighty business, Honey and Lemon.

Starting in March of 2015 I began to experience a stream of substantial losses back to back. It all started with the loss of my baby Maxine while 6 months pregnant, and nearly my own life while giving birth to her. One year later in 2016, actually just two days shy to the date of losing my baby girl, my brother Jimmy was tragically killed while cycling. If you ever see my photos on and wonder why I wear the orange bracelet that says #LIVELIKEJIMMY, that's for my brother.

Then came the death of my father in 2018 whom I was estranged from at the time of his passing. The circumstances surrounding our complicated relationship made his loss very difficult to process, and if I'm being completely honest, it's still hard on me to this very day. Needless to say, I went into a deep depression coupled with crippling anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

I spent most days in bed, or on the couch, unmotivated, with literally nothing to give. I was an empty vessel. Simple everyday tasks like showering, brushing my teeth, or shaving my legs felt like an impossible task that would send me into hysterical breakdowns. I know it sounds dramatic, but believe me when I tell you the depression was so heavy it made my bones hurt. 

Then one day, my husband encouraged me to do something that would end up being the fire under my ass, the very foundation of Honey and Lemon, and what we stand for today.  He said, "Just get dressed. Even if you do nothing else in the day, just get dressed"

So I did. I did just that! I committed myself to just getting dressed. In just a few short weeks, and to my surprise, I began to feel a sense of healing. I wanted to do more, and I actually wanted to go places. For the first time in a long time I wanted to do things with my friends and family! You know? Live life, that kind of stuff!

I was suddenly feeling better for myself, my husband, my kids, and honestly the rest of the world! I began to experience a huge shift in my energy! The mood in our home felt lighter and more joyful, and that's when I realized how powerful and impactful my energy was in my home. When I felt good, everyone else did too, and it was showing. #winning 

Although all of our stories are unique, and our reasons for experiencing depression and anxiety may differ, I knew I wasn't the only woman struggling! I wanted to share this natural and powerful healing method with others. I wanted women to experience the emotional and spiritual transformation I was experiencing just by getting dressed.

I started with only one rack and 6 styles in a garage, going live on Facebook with zero experience and zero business knowledge. I was simply led by the passion for getting dressed and the feeling of healing it gave me. I wanted other women to experience the power behind it, just like I was. 

Fast forward 4 years, Honey and Lemon is now in an industrial building located in Redlands, CA, with an app, this website, inventory, shipping stations, and a boutique for Honeys to shop! I never imagined that the simple concept of getting dressed would put me on this journey. Our mission is working, it is real, and women are having huge break throughs. To me, that is the biggest success story of Honey and Lemon, more than anything else!

Just like Honey and Lemon tea can ease the common cold, it is my hope that getting dressed with Honey and Lemon is just as healing to your body and soul as it has for mine.


Destiny Zaremba

Owner & Founder